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  Lifestyle and Nutritional Support

Good nutritional habits can promote and maintain vibrant health.  We seem to have forgotten the importance of a healthy eating.  There are many opinions as to what the best way of eating is. Some people find a vegetarian diet is what appeals to them while others eat a paleo or keto diet. 
                              The main component to a good diet is to eat as much fresh food as you can.
          Forgot about canned and processed foods. These products tend to be lacking in nutritional value.                                                                        W
hat is most important to remember is to:
                                                EAT REAL FOOD
and not too much...    J
UST ENOUGH!                                                          
                                                  Just starting here can change the health of many of us.
Obesity is a health challenge that has stressed our society and our quality of life. Obesity is often the result of poor eating habits and poor lifestyle choices.  This lifestyle can lead to premature aging and
                                                                              a quality of life that is less than optimal. 
                          Great health can be yours at any age just as poor health can be yours at any age also!

In order to support a patients' decision in eating choices we offer a blood nutritional analysis.  A patient can have a comprehensive blood test done at a local lab.  After the blood test is done we go over the results and discuss the findings. 
                    The lab work can be ordered by the patients' MD or we can order here at the office.

We sometimes order saliva testing to gain certain pieces of information needed to guide our choices. We use Diagnos Techs labs for this as it is one of the leading saliva labs in the country.  Additionally, there are companies in the U.S, that will do comprehensive food analogy testing through a specialized blood test.  These tests can be helpful when trying to develop a plan for improved health or perplexing conditions.

  My goal is to help a patient develop a lifestyle that is suitable to them and to their good health.

Exercise is critical to our well-being.

In the past we ran!! We ran away from being food or we ran toward potential food.
So, we humans have in our programing the need to MOVE!

The human body is the only machine that wears out faster without use.

        The old adage "use it or loose it" is very true when it comes to your muscles (and your brain, too.)
We encourage our patients to use a form of movement that stretches their ability slightly. We must make time to make exercise an important part of our life. For the average patient time can be a limiting factor so                                                    efficiency in exercise can make a difference in compliance. 
                      If you are not in the habit of exercise you may have to start with a gentle approach. 


Try walking and stretching at home. Remember in the beginning that there is a difference between the stretch of a muscle and the pain of overdoing it.

Pilates, yoga, walking, hiking, bicycle riding, swimming, rowing, Zumba, dancing, boxing, jumping rope...this list goes on. Find something fun.


Many people have found that yoga, walking or t'ai chi can be soothing to the mind and body and good place to start moving. Whatever method a person will stick to will be most beneficial in the long run.


Cupping is an ancient technique that is used in many cultures.  A special "cup" is applied to the skin and held in place by suction. The cup, which may either be left in place or moved along the body, brings fresh blood to the area and helps improve circulation. Traditional cupping, sometimes referred to as “fire cupping," uses heat to create a vacuum-like suction inside of glass cups. In modern times, cups that use a small pump to create suction have also been introduced as well as silicon cups. We use all these variations at the office. It has become popular recently as we see it being used by athletes.  If the cups are left in place they can leave a reddish or purple circle bruise that can take a few days to fade. Moving cups can make the skin red also but usually takes less than a day to fade.

                                                                    Gua Sha

Gua sha is a technique that involves skin stimulation with a round-edged tool. The area treated is lubricated with an oil or cream. This area is then rubbed vigorously until a redness occurs called "sha". Often a medicated cream like tiger balm or white flower oil is used. This technique promotes circulation.  It can be used for pain, stiffness, acute infectious illness, upper respiratory infections and even digestive disorders.  Often, we use it for joint pain to increase range of motion and decrease pain. Sometimes a redness occurs at the sight of the treatment. This usually goes away in a day or two.  Patients often report an immediate relief from pain and/or better range of motion.


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