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Eating heathy!?!

Just what is eating healthy?
Eating choices is intensely personal.  I find in my practice people either have no clue the effect their food choices have on them or they are very dedicated to their way of eating. From a vegan diet to a paleo diet we see research and testimonials to back and support individual choices.
Sifting through the myriad of ways in which we feed ourselves a few things ring true.  We know that fresh foods support and nourish the human body best, whether it be grass feed beef locally grown or bean sprouts made at home. 
Food choices can be based on religious or cultural values and taboos and/or social, enviromental or ethical choices. Choosing an all vegetable diet in theory would make neccessary consuming a higher amount of nutrient dense plant foods. Unfortunaltey that does not always happen.  Soda and potatoe chips qualify as edible in a vegetarian diet.  A vegan or vegetarien diet can often lead to the dependence on heavily processed foods, such as seitan, isolated soy protein and flour.  We are seeing more research about the down side of eating too much grain especially those high in gluten.  Studies on gluten have linked it to over 50 diseases or conditions that adversely effect the human body. 
As a vegetarian or vegan it is hard to consume enough valuable nutrients unless one is very diligent. It is important to consume enough protein, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.  it is also important to limit sugar and sugar like products and not to eat too much or any gluten. This group of people usually needs to supplement with vitamins and minerals to make sure they are getting adequate nutrients.  A good website for recipes and suggestions on being gluten free and a vegan or vegetarian and is full of great recipes and good advice is called glutenfreegoddess.
For those people who have found that a diet more closely resembling the paleo diet will find lots of information on two really good sites; and . The advantage of the paleo diet are the low glycemic factor and it prohibits refined foods which are easy to overeat.  Refined foods and foods with low nutritional density do not satisfy our needs and can lead to persistent cravings as we are constently striving to feel nourished.  This leads to overeating which can lead to a long list of adverse health conditions.
It is hard to imagine that our food can take on such charged feelings.  We are seeing small farmers subject to harrassement and litagation. Food is now political. The Western A Price Foundation has some interesting articles about this very subject.  It is also a wealth of information about food and health.
Remember every time you eat you have the opportunity to make yourself more healthy or less healthy.  Choose wisely for your health is your wealth!